Just Beginning

Working single, to working wife, to full time wife and stay-at-home mom to twin girls.  The transition from one to the other seemed smooth, natural.  Then I turned 45, found myself with two daughters entering their teen years, and began to wonder what the Second Season would look like.  It didn’t appear the transitions would come quite as naturally, nor would they be as smooth.  But hopefully I have gained some wisdom along the way and can navigate this Second Season with grace.

I still need to be available to my girls and husband.  Next to my personal relationship with Christ, they are and always will be my first priority.  My parents and in-laws are aging and I have no doubt will need more assistance from me (us) in the near future.  However, I feel a keen sense it is time to focus a little more on myself and think about the legacy I wish to leave.  I can’t leave this Second Season to chance, and that raises up some anxiousness.  Anxiousness further enhanced by facing college expenses within the next four years, along with hot-flashes and sleeplessness brought on by peri-menopause.  So in all honesty, some days I feel borderline crazy;  other days I feel confident;  but most days I wonder how I am going to use my passions, talents and spiritual gifts together in a way that does not detract from my primary role as Mom/Wife/Daughter/Sister.  I would love to be contributing financially.  My husband owns his own business, which affords him a great deal of flexibility and has provided well for us, but hasn’t made saving for college and retirement easy. Helping financially would be great!  Yet, I know God has not called me away from being a stay-at-home mom, not completely, not just yet.  Second Season Mom- it’s proving a little challenging.  

The journey begins.  If you are a Second Season Mom I’d love to hear from you.  I’d love to share in this journey.

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