Day 31: Sacred Planning

Many years ago I began the practice of setting aside the 31st as a day of planning. That meant during any given year I had 7 days to focus on getting caught up, getting organizing systems put into place or cleaned up, and making sure the upcoming schedule was neatly filled in on the calendar.  Not a bad plan, and by in large it worked.  It relieved a little stress, as I always knew I had this “blocked off day” to look forward to.  However, like with many things, I began to let other things infringe on these days.  Worse yet, I would “save” so many things to take care of these 7 days I never got it all done.

I like the practice of protecting the 31st.  I like the idea of having 7 days set aside.  So the question is:  “What do I really need to do with those 7 days?”

I have decided during this Second Season the 31st should be set aside for “Sacred Planning”.  A big part of this Second Season is being deliberate.  Not that I didn’t try to be deliberate before, but often life just happened.  There were often natural next steps.  But if honest, I also often made decisions or acted based upon the notion,  “There’ll be time to get to that later.” Well, it is beginning to feel a lot like the “later” has arrived.  Don’t get me wrong, 46 is young.  After all, 50 is indeed the new 30!  I have a chance though to really think about life to date, what legacy I want to leave, and where that takes me from here.  So, today began the first of many “Sacred Planning” days.  My goal is to have some quiet time (realistically I am thinking 2-3 hours with no interruptions) to reflect on my purpose statement and current projects.  I want to look back through my journal pages (yes, I am an avid journal writer during my morning quiet time) and glean from them any thoughts, or as my grandmother would have said, “notions”.  I want to make certain my actions/my daily to do list/the projects I am engaged in align with my purpose statement.  Today I spent a great deal of time reading back through some old journals (which will be burned upon my death by my best friend), pulled out my Pathway to Purpose by Dr. Katie Brazelton and did a little editing on my Big Why and Life Statement.  It is a little scary to put it out there, but that’s what this blog is all about.  Sharing.  Sharing the journey.  It’s lofty.  But what good are goals or dreams if not lofty?

The Big Why I Live:

I want my presence and my actions to help others see their potential and be motivated to make this world a better place.

My Life Statement:

I will live each day with a gentle and quiet spirit devoted to Jesus Christ and growing in knowledge of Him so I will hope in the future and have joy in today.

  • I will live strong, overcoming physical weakness and fatigue
  • I will use discretion in my speech and honor others with my words
  • I will create a home in which others (especially my immediate family) sense God’s presence and peace and have their spirits nurtured
  • I will help, follow, respect and love my husband
  • I will share with others what I have been given

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