Moving Forward

I love Missions Mosaic, a magazine containing a daily prayer calendar and prayer guide for Baptist missionaries, published by the Women’s Missionary Union.  This month the theme is “persevering”.  Specifically about praying through.

Today, I have been reminded how very important this is.  We can not control the circumstances in our life, we can not control the world around us, but we can take charge of our responses/reactions.  It is easy to find ourselves thinking God has moved away from us, to feel forgotten or alone.  But that is never the case.  He is always there.  We can’t take silence to mean we have been abandoned or He has not heard our heart’s cry.  Sometimes He is silently waiting upon us to quiet our own voice and listen.  Sometimes He is silently walking alongside us, waiting for us to come through.  This Second Season requires a lot of perseverance.  It requires a lot of praying through.  As Second Season moms we watch our grandparents or parents coming to the end of their journey, having persevered.  We realize the torch must be carried on and we must persevere to keep the legacy alive, to move it forward, to pass it on to one more generation.  As Second Season moms some of our roles are ending or evolving.  As our children approach college we must persevere to the finish line, graciously releasing them to their future, allowing them to take flight.  As Second Season moms we find more and more of our friends facing serious illness, family losses, job losses, etc…  As friends we must persevere in our support of them, in our prayers for them, and in our service to them.  As Second Season moms we realize there are those younger than us looking to us for guidance, wisdom and encouragement.  Again, we must persevere in our efforts to abide in Him and grow in the grace and knowledge of Him.  We must set an example that honors Him and brings glory to the One who has seen us through and continues to guide our hearts and minds.

Today I celebrate with a young friend who has persevered and adopted a teenage girl from Ukraine.  Today I mourn with the one diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Today I pray for the one needing strength to persevere in her God given ministry seeking homes for children in foster care.  Today I celebrate a young woman’s birthday who is living an abundant life with a life threatening heart disease.  Today I empathize and pray with the one trying to make a major life decision.

I tell my girls weekly to “finish strong”.  This SecondSeasonMom needs to be reminded to do the same.  I am only in the middle of my life, but what I do next will determine whether I finish strong or fall short.  I want to persevere, and I know that will only happen if I pray through.  Moving forward is praying through as I take one obedient step at a time.

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