Welcome Home


Welcome home.  I love that feeling pulling up to my home and seeing the fruits of our labor.  Today I am sharing pictures of our great pansy planting.  As I mentioned it got hot, I mean almost 90 degrees hot, with a nice dose of southern humidity.  But as we Southern girls like to say, “We don’t sweat, we glisten.”  And glisten we did!  I’m not usually a fan of glistening, but something about decorating my home, inside and out, makes it all worth it.  There is something especially gratifying about digging in the dirt.  Not much in life can bring instant gratification.  Well, not healthy, pure, good instant gratification.  But working in the soil can do just that.  Maybe that’s why those who live and work on ranches and farms seem to find a measure of satisfaction and peace that eludes us “city folk”.

It was a full day’s work.  We were tired and even a little sore when all was said and done.  We talked, and the moods seemed to lighten.  We laughed and the work became less tedious.  We encouraged one another and in the true meaning of teamwork, collaborated to come up with our little vignettes.  As dusk drew near, we stood back in appreciation of our work.  We are quite proud of our fall yard.  Not a haughty pride, but a pride in knowing as a family we worked hard to make our home a welcome spot for family, friends and neighbors.

I am a Second Season Mom.  I am closer to fifty, than to forty.  I have teenage twin daughters.  I need days like our fall pansy frenzy day.  I need to put aside all worries and doubts, to focus on one task.  I need to put aside the never ending murmur of voices in my head reminding me of all yet to be done and enjoy the quiet.  I need to think less of what I don’t have, and see what I do have.  I need to remember I am blessed.  I am thankful my girls have learned the value of hard work, physical labor.  I am thankful my girls value home and desire to be a part of making it a “safe place to land”.  Parenting in this season can be difficult, but it is rewarding-just like our day of gardening.

fallhouseforsecondseason 019

Fall Decor

Fall Decor

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