Giving Him ALL the Broken Pieces

Saturday night, another night of awakening at 4:30 a.m.  It just seems to be a natural part of being a Second Season Mom.  I usually end up tossing and turning and before I know it my mind has wandered to the dark places and the worry consumes, and the anxiety sets in.  But Saturday night, or actually Sunday morning, I just prayed.  This time, however, I chose not to pray for anything.  I just prayed.  And in those moments, I heard God say, “reveal”.  I can’t claim to having ever heard the booming voice of God, nor can I lay claim to getting an in depth message with specific directions to follow.  Instead, God communicates to me most often with a word.  “Come home.”  “Be still.”  This time, “reveal”.  I have put down a lot and given Him a lot of my broken pieces, but peace and joy still seem to elude.  Direction seems to elude.  I look back, I look forward and the present gets lost.  So, over the course of the next few months I will rest on that word “reveal”.  I will let His word teach me.  I will dig for its presence in scripture and I will pray over it.  For today, I am impressed that each day I am to let my prayer be that He would reveal Himself to me in the ordinary events of my day and through the people I come in contact with.

I am going to continue to practice letting go so that He can reveal Himself to me, and through me He can reveal Himself to others.  I wanted to share this post from a fellow blogger.  These words were an encouragement today.  I am praying that by sharing, someone else might also be encouraged.

Giving Him ALL the Broken Pieces.

Can’t wait to see what He reveals.

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