A Moment of Holiday Panic and A Money Saving Tip for the Holidays

My daughter came down the stairs last night filled with excitement as she burst out, “There are only 8 more Fridays until Christmas!”  Little did she know these words would send her ever planning, over achieving, type A mom into mass panic. One look at my face and she figured it out and quickly added, “Mom, don’t worry, we’ll help this year.”  I wish I could say the knot in my stomach went away, but…

This blog has been a practice in self-discipline and accountability.  On many levels it is helping.  As I thought today about the quickly approaching holidays, which can seemingly run together in one big blur if we are not careful, I took a deep breath.  It really is amazing what breathing can do for one’s spirit!  I took a few more deep breaths and reminded myself I have a plan. I already have my Holiday Planning pages tucked neatly into my projects notebook (the big green one from last week’s post). I’ve already begun a gift list.  My holiday decorations are neatly stored and labeled.  So, really, there is no reason for panic. What is needed is my mini October 31 retreat.  My time of quiet with a good cup of coffee and my beloved planner, projects binder, Holiday Planning Pages and Bible.  What is needed is to focus my thoughts once again upon all that matters most so the distractions fall away and the beauty of a holiday season full of love, caring and giving of ourselves can emerge.

We moms, especially us Second Season Moms have a way of getting distracted (pulled in a million directions).  We have a way of forgetting to breathe.  I pray this season I will let the distractions fall to the wayside.  I pray I’ll take every opportunity to be still and breathe.

So, tip 1.  Enjoy your day of planning tomorrow.  Take one holiday at a time.  For now, there’s no rush.  Set aside some time and plan.

To save a little money this season make a few extra trips to the grocery store over the next 3 weeks.  Groceries will be at their lowest prices these next three weeks.  Add to that, coupons will be in abundance.  Take advantage and purchase as many staples as you can: sugar, canned vegetables, frozen vegetables, sodas, cake mixes, soups, oils and breads (to freeze).  If you have freezer space go ahead and purchase your turkey.  The prices on all these items will rise the week before Thanksgiving and stay that way through the first of the year.

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