Yuck! I need to “Eat the Frog”

Someone who has an organizing business never wants to admit she has an organizing problem.  Someone who prides herself on staying organized, keeping a tidy home, etc… never wants to make the same admission.  But, as I go through Crystal’s book and continue to take myself on life’s journey, I have had to realize I need to “Eat the Frog.” I have just begun reading the book, but already convicted and already having to face my procrastination demon.  Yes, I have issues with procrastination-especially that ugly, hard thing I really need to do.  I love planning.  I love time management “systems”.  I can get carried away planning, finding perfect forms, etc…  At the end of the day though, those activities are simply my way of avoiding getting started.  Other days I can get started and work all around the ugly frog.  But the author is correct.  If you just go ahead and eat the frog, you feel great.  Accomplishment is a wonderful thing!

So, here’s my plan :)!  For two weeks, no new forms.  No long range planning.  Just tackle.  Just eating the frog.  I’m going to keep my priority list in front of me and stay focused.  I’m going to enjoy my family and mark some of those big items off my list.  I have a feeling I’m gonna feel pretty good.  I also have a feeling though it will be easy to fall back into avoiding the frogs.  I’ll never though if I don’t just start!

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