It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

It has been quite a week.  I didn’t post on Wednesday, life was just too full and in keeping with my priorities, blogging fell off the list so I could focus on family.  We have had a blast finishing up a little Christmas decorating. The tree has been up and the yard has been glowing, but some of our little Christmas vignettes hadn’t quite been completed.  I miss my girls being of the age where Christmas is magical, and mystery awaits around every corner.  However, as much as I miss those days, and that age, I am loving being in the Second Season of parenting.  Christmas magic still exists.  Now though, they are a part of making it happen.  I even had one of those, “Thank you Lord we have done some things right” moments, when my girls finished purchasing some gifts for those less fortunate and in unison (after all they are twins) said, “Mom, it really is so much fun to give.  It makes me so excited.”  Not only that, but in this season they relish in getting out the decorations and helping.  One, I love the help.  More than that though I love listening to them share their memories as they help with the tree, vignettes, the outside etc…  We never really know as parents which moments are catching their attention.  Be assured.  They are capturing moments.  They are making memories.  So, I encourage you if you have little ones.  Enjoy these days.  I know it can be hard, and some days you wonder if you’ll make it through to the next.  Relish the moments.  Make memories.  Be deliberate in the memories you make.  At the same time, be encouraged.  The teen years aren’t bad.  There are new pleasures and new moments to treasure.  You begin to see the fruit of your labor and it is quite delightful.

In the spirit of Christmas and sharing, I leave you with a few pictures of our Christmas.  I won’t be blogging any the next week and half.  It’s all about family, enjoying some time in the ministries we are engaged in, helping others know Christ, see Christ.  I’ll be reflecting on the year behind and the year ahead.  I’ll be praying that in my little world and in yours Christ will make Himself evident and one more life would be changed.  Merry Christmas.  May the Christ of the Season be your Peace and your Hope.


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