New Name with a New Look

I wasn’t sure how this blogging thing would go.  Turns out I love it.  I love writing-for years having done it only in private journals or grant applications.  I love words-eloquently spoken, aptly written, beautifully sung.  I just love words.  So, I guess it is no wonder that putting my thoughts on paper is something I appreciate and enjoy.  Most of all though, I love that blogging has created a system of self-accountability, caused me to be more intentional with my thinking and my time and has exposed me to a whole community of people whose voices I love to read.

I made a few changes today-the look of the blog and the name.  I love home.  I love life.  I love sharing my home.  So, I have picked the three things I attempt to focus on in my life and my home.  On Mondays I am going to continue to write about my faith, being a wife and mother.  On Wednesdays I am going to focus on food and entertaining.  On Fridays I am going to run a four to six month series on the “Well Planned Home” chronicling the planning of our new home, construction and moving.  I hope you will continue to visit my blog, share your thoughts.  Most of all, just as before, this is my little corner of the world in which to hold myself accountable, push myself to reach a little farther and embrace life.

Watch for a post later today on my organizing process as I prepare to meet with sub-contractors and get this party started.

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