Ice Baby, Ice!

The ice hit home last night.  We’ve had a crazy winter, but not near as bad as others.  For that I am thankful.  I have to admit, while it is an inconvenience, and I know many don’t like it, I love “snow days”.  I always feel like I have been given an extra day.  Crazy, I know, but it works for me!  Ice, baby, ice!  I love having my peeps all at home.  I love feeling like our “to do list” has gone out the window.  I love that everyone seems to slow down, rest, be creative.  

Today, especially, I loved this unexpected snow day.  I have been reading and studying mentoring from a biblical perspective and just finished a lesson on Daniel for another project.  As you know, I’m nearing the end of an on-line bible study with a group of women I don’t know, but am connected to via ministry connections and mutual ministry partners.  It has been an incredible blessing to learn from these women, to pray for them and have them pray for me.  This week, my year long desire to focus on “who” I am in lieu of pursuing answers to “what” should I be doing and the scriptures raised to the forefront in my studies has me thinking on the following:

Resolve.  “Daniel resolved…”  As I mentioned last week, I am at that point I can begin to lose sight of my goals, feel discouraged and/or re-evaluate.  What I realize is this, anything I was truly resolved to do, I am still doing and willing to stick with.  Those are the tasks I should have focused my attention on.  I was also struck by the fact that Daniel knew in advance what he would not compromise on.  He knew who he was and what he believed.  Who, not what.  As I thought about the story a little more, I also realized Daniel did not try to get anyone to join him.  He didn’t worry about what others were doing.  He didn’t try to sway others to join him in his efforts. My studying of mentoring. brought similar points to focus.  Mentoring is NOT about me sharing my life, my lessons learned.  Mentoring is “joining the Holy Spirit in His work in another’s life.”  Ele Parrott, Transforming Together.  Mentoring begins in the quiet place when I am praying, reading His word, growing spiritually and living authentically in all places.  

I love that I have had the extra time today to ponder all of this.  To look again at goals and tasks and continue to re-evaluate, focus…I love that in 2 days the season of Lent begins.  As I enter lent this year, I want to purpose to do less.  Not as a sacrifice, but as an act of worship.  I want to focus on Who I am in Christ because of His great sacrifice and love.  I want to resolve to finish the race.  I want to resolve to continue my work towards being available, listening more than I talk, pointing my girls towards scripture as they enter adulthood and need to have their own resolve!  I want to worry less, releasing my fears, trusting more as I allow myself to know Him more.

Yep, I love ice-sort of.  I am going to relish the rest of this snow day.  As I write, my girls are informing we get another one tomorrow! Hmmmm…… I’ll probably have to do a little less pondering tomorrow.  But then again, maybe not.  Looking forward to another day at home with my family enjoying who we are as a family!   

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