My Perfect Planner

Yes. You read it. I have finally come up with the perfect planner! The perfect planner for me. The perfect planner for me at this time.

Usually school rolls around and I find myself wasting hours looking on-line, on Pinterest, at Barnes and Noble, for the perfect planner. Beginning of school is like a new year for me!  Our schedule changes, I have new lists of chores and ideas for how I want things to work, move along, go each day.  I love it!  It’s the perfect time of year for us type A women.  Stores are full of pens, paper, pencils, post-it notes, notebooks, planners, baskets, and an array of other organizing tools.  Heaven!  This year though, I am beginning the school year with my same old planner.  I will confess, I looked for a brief moment late one evening.  (it’s an illness)  No, I’m sticking with my planner.  I love my planner.

My planner works for me and well, at the end of the day that is what matters.  It’s not pretty.  It doesn’t fit in my purse.  (I am still a little miffed over that, but learning to let it go.)  What it does though is keep everything I need in one handy place.  It is truly a mini office.  It is great!

2014-08-18 12.15.56

See.  Not so pretty.  It is the big black thing, not the pretty pink thing (that is my new plan for my pray journal-post on that later).  It is a plain old black, soft, faux leather three ring binder.  You would think it this day and age someone out there would make these things in pretty colors.  No such luck.  I have searched the universe on the world wide web.  No soft leather three ring binders.  (Hoping I just gave someone a brilliant idea and they’ll make millions and at least acknowledge me with 2% of their earnings.)  As we progress along you’ll see why I chose this size.  (And the size is the issue when it comes to finding any kind of selection.)

2014-08-18 12.16.12

In the front I have placed a poem I found over 15 years ago.  It inspires me and keeps me focused, so I love that I can see it each time I open my planner.

2014-08-18 12.16.18

Next I have my Life Statement, which I did after going through Katie Brazelton’s book “Pathway to Purpose for Women”, and my weekly cleaning schedule.  Before you are too impressed, please know I rarely stick with this schedule and there is many a Friday I can be found frantically cleaning the entire house so it’s ready for the weekend and/or guests.

2014-08-18 12.16.40

Now come the pages that make it all work for me.  I order my planning pages from Life is Crafted.  I am in LOVE with these pages.  You can order a set pre-printed or you can purchase a download version and print them off yourself.  I do the latter. This page is my Master To Do list.  This is where I dump my brain at least once a week.  I just started a new page-felt I needed to after completing the house.  I write down anything and everything here if it does not have a specific date or time in which it needs to be done.  It is amazing how much stress can be relieved just knowing I have things written down and I don’t have to worry about forgetting something.

2014-08-18 12.16.46

Next, and final section I am sharing today, are the project pages.  There is a page for each project I am currently working on.  I keep a list of items I need to do or follow up on here.  Not only do these pages capture things I don’t want to forget, but having one for each project gives me a visual of how many major commitments I have made.  Too many of these pages means I am over committed, which usually means my family and my home begin to suffer.  I try to keep projects between 3 to 5 at any given time.  

The best pages are yet to come.  If you like what you see so far, I encourage you to go over to and browse her shop.  

One thought on “My Perfect Planner

  1. I realized last week that I have enough white envelopes to pass down to my grandchildren! Then I thought, “Shana needs to hear this. She would laugh.”

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