Who Am I? A Mother’s Quandry

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with a fellow ministry friend at a church women’s event.  We got to sit with another ministry friend, who was hosting one of the break out groups at this same women’s ministry event.  I love these two women.  One I have known for almost 14 years.  The other, roughly 18 months.  It is amazing though how close I feel to both these women.  These women encourage me, they challenge me, but more importantly they hold me accountable.

As happens at so many women’s ministry events there was a little “mixer” game.  Well, seeing as that the three of us were catching up and preparing for our presentations, I kind of missed the directions.  The game was one in which you were to meet new women, ask them to answer one of about 12 questions, note their answer and name, and then move on to the next woman.  At the end of the night there were door prizes for those who had answered each question.  In other words, a fun way to get to know some other women in the room.  Questions ranged from what is your favorite color, to what’s one goal you aspire to achieve.  Well, considering that I was NOT paying attention, I began filling out the questionnaire all for myself.  I had in my mind we would be trying to find women who had answered the questions the same way we had.  Really?  I realize now that makes absolutely no sense, but…  We do find a way to justify things, don’t we.  My dear friends, usually quick to speak truth and hold me accountable, apparently thought I was taking notes for my presentation or something, because neither of them stopped me.  We finished eating and then proceeded to make our presentations etc… We gathered back together for the close of the event and the grand finale-door prizes.  Needless to say, it became readily apparent to me I had completed the assignment wrong!  Good grief.  As I snickered to myself I told my friends what I had done.  Yes, they laughed.  In fact, they laughed out loud.  There was a smart remark or two about some of my answers (apparently the fact my favorite ice cream is Rocky Road spoke volumes to one of my sweet friends-so I feel certain there will be a blog post to follow.)  As my dear friends laughed WITH me, I am certain they were not laughing at me (HA!), one said, “Well, I guess it never hurts to stop and get to know yourself again!’

No truer words could have been spoken.  We go and do and run so hard sometimes, I do believe we forget who we are.  We get so busy being someone’s wife, the mother of so and so, the home room mom… that we forget who we really are.  In all honesty it was fun to fill out that sheet.  I had a little get to know me mixer all by myself.  I kind of liked the woman I got to know that evening.  There were even a few questions I had to really stop and think about.  How would I describe myself in three words?  If someone made a movie of my life, would it be a drama, comedy or action film?  I can get so busy doing, meeting expectations, that I forget to be me.  I do what I think I am supposed to do to be the good wife, good mom, talented writer, hard working organizer…  Yet in the midst of all that I do, I exist.  Me.  The one created by God in His image to carry out His good works for eternity.  The one that likes Rocky Road ice cream, relaxes by reading a good book or baking, envies Meg Ryan because of her hair, loves melon, and would be an eagle if I had to choose an animal to be. I’m the one whose heart cry is for women.  I’m the one who thought she didn’t want to be a mom, then thought I’d never be a mom, and now loves being a mom.  I’m the one with insecurities.  I’m the one who still feels the sting of harsh words and rejection.  I’m the one who struggles with worry and doubt.  I’m the one God loves.   I’m the one slowly getting to see God’s plans unfold.  I’m the one with some pretty amazing friends.  I AM who I AM because of the GREAT I AM.

Take a moment for yourself this week.  Who are you?  Think about it.  Relish in it.  Thank Him for creating You-His daughter, His bride.  We moms need to remember who we are, because who we are will see us through to the finish-beyond the mothering years, beyond the work years.  Mingle and Mix with yourself.  I bet like me, you’ll enjoy getting to know yourself.

Here are a few questions to get you going:

1.  If you could have an endless supply of food, what would you get?

2.  If you were an animal what would you be and why?

3.  What is your favorite thing to do in summer?

4.  If you were an ice cream flavor which one would you be and why?

5.  What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

6.  What is your pet peeve?

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