Every Decision Matters-For THIS Moment

Our family has had ample opportunity this past month to discuss the importance of decisions.  There have been the normal school decisions, friend issues, but added to that our family circle and community have been impacted by infidelity, pregnancy outside of marriage, loss of life, crime, etc…  Those “big” items that cause you to stop.  As parents, my husband and I have found ourselves pausing to think long and hard about how to explain.  How to teach grace, justice and accountability.  It is not easy.  It often doesn’t make sense.  We want our girls to be forgiving and gracious, yet we want them to understand that no place in God’s word does it say that forgiveness means no consequences, no judgement, no accountability.  They have questions.  We have questions.  We admit all we do not understand.  We share what we know to be truth.

One thing became abundantly clear as we had these discussions over the course of the past few months.  God’s word is not void of instruction.  His word is clear we have choices, which means we have decisions to make.  Every decision matters, for THIS moment and for eternity.  What seems like a seemingly singular event can carry heart ache or patterns of behavior through generations.  One lapse in judgement can create life.  In some of the situations we discussed, our girls could quickly see a pattern of decisions/ a series of decisions, that led to the hardship.  In others it is not so clear.  For some, they are innocent, yet the choices/the decisions of those around them have had impact upon them.  It is much like dropping the stone in the still water.  Circles form, spreading out through the entire lake.  Even the smallest of stones can create a small wave, movement of still waters.

While there were many “Why” questions left unanswered, one lesson was learned by us all.  We were reminded our decisions matter.  Our decisions impact others.  Our decisions are for THIS moment and eternity.  Whether our decisions be good or bad, they have lasting impact.

I am not glad the situations we discussed exist.  They are difficult.  They carry pain and sorrow.  They bring disappointment. However, I am glad the situations led to discussions which led to realizations.  In THIS moment we are conscious of our every choice.  I  know we will not always be on high alert, although we should be.  But for today we are.  I pray the consciousness lingers.  I pray we remember.  I pray we choose His truths, His ways, and we decide obedience.

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