Joy Unspeakable

tears of joy

She walked in eight weeks ago.  Quiet, unassuming.  Her face bore the lines of pain, a life lived hard, yet showed little emotion. Her presence peaked our interest.  This woman, clearly broken, yet seemingly strong.  Faithfully, each week she appeared.  The first one to enter.  The first one to open her notebook.  The one to quietly spread the Bible before her, highlighter held in gnarled hand.  Others spoke, others shared.  She remained quiet.

Today, she shared.  It was one of the most spiritual, most moving, most worshipful moments I have experienced in years. This woman I had come to know.  This woman I had prayed for, hoped for.  In a moment, in a room filled with her new friends and strangers she chose to let her voice be heard.  With dignity she began.  In tears and brokenness she finished.  A woman isolated, living without purpose.  A woman sitting, waiting.  She’d been told about this program, a Christian program.  She came. What makes a woman who has lived for years in isolation, without friendships, without hope, walk into a building full of strangers to attend weekly classes with other strangers?  Would I?  Today, I saw the depth of her loneliness.  Today, I saw the fullness of her joy.

My heart is full.  I stand amazed at the God I serve.  He moves in the darkest shadows, the quiet moments.  His Spirit moves in the heart of a woman alone, isolated.  She does not leave her home for church or to visit friends.  But in a moment, she gathers the strength to drive across town to enter a strange place and begin again.  I am humbled that my God would grant me the opportunity to be there in that strange place with my friend, waiting, hoping, praying.  I saw God move.  I was reminded again God’s glory is revealed when we come to Him in our brokenness.  Our hearts shatter and as the pieces fall, He fills us with His Spirit.  The tears drop and He catches them.  His love is unveiled and in the deepest of sorrow we feel and know unspeakable joy.

psalms 568

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