Clear Out, Clean Out-Get Ready

There are a million de-cluttering challenges happening right about now.  People are busy setting goals, clearing out the clutter in their lives, their homes, their offices.  Cleaning out the garage, the attic.  I’m doing it too.  New stuff has arrived at our home and well, we’ve got to make space.  I don’t want cluttered closets, crammed full of stuff I can’t find or use.  I’m also busy making sure I have my mind and calendar cleaned out and ready.  Ready to experience all that God has in store for me this next year.  I want to be ready.  In fact, I have determined 2015 holds to “Words of the Year” for me.  My first was Joy.(  Ready is clearly my second.

As I have been wrapping up my read through the Bible I have been convicted and struck by the number of times Christ directs his listeners and disciples to be ready. They weren’t ready for His crucifixion.  They weren’t ready for His resurrection.  I wouldn’t have been either.  Who could have imagined.  Who could have really understood?

I want to be ready this year.  Being ready means preparation.  I don’t know about you, but too often this is where I fall short. I procrastinate.  I lack the discipline.  I want to do better in all those areas this year.  I don’t know what the year holds.  And as my verse for the year reminds me, it may be difficulties, sorrow.  I want to be ready.  I want to experience JOY-not the giddy, happy feeling we tend to think of, but the peace, the sense of assurance that comes from JOY in Him.  I believe a huge part of getting to experience that JOY will be a result of my being READY, having prepared my heart and mind.

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