Equality Does Not Exist

The words I typed in the title aren’t popular, but they are true.  Equality is illusive, because it doesn’t exist.  Yes, we all have worth and value, but the circumstances I am born into, the community I am raised in, the resources available to my family impact my choices, my options, my future.  The playing field isn’t equal.

What does exist is equity.  As we relate to one another we can be fair and impartial, honoring one another, valuing the other person for their talents and gifts.  This idea of equity could not be more true than in the workplace.

As a young woman entering the work place for the first time I thought I was supposed to emulate men, be more masculine in my approach to communications, leadership.  Problem is I am not a man.  Men and women are not the same.  Our anatomy is different.  Our brains are hard wired differently.  As a woman I think differently, I am more intuitive and nurturing.  As a woman I bring something to the table my male counterparts don’t, and that other perspective, those other talents and gifts lead to better decision making, build a healthier work culture.

The TRUTH is I am uniquely made in God’s image, to be a help-mate, to be uniquely woman.  I can be secure in my identity knowing that I do not need to compete with men or emulate men, but just need to bring my best self to the table.   I can be sure my female attributes will complement those of my male counterparts.

Don’t fall for the lie.  Don’t strive for equality.  Instead embrace who you are.  Place your confidence in the One who created you.  Expect equity, but more importantly treat others with respect, seek to live the “Golden Rule”.

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