Shana Chaplin

Bio: I am a wife, mother to twin daughters, sister, daughter and aunt to nine. I love faith, home and family. I grew up missionary kid living in Japan and Morocco. I now live in the South. My home is my haven and I seek for it to be the same for all who enter. I have returned to full time work after 17 years as a stay at home mom. I serve as the Deputy Chief of Community Engagement & Faith-based Partnerships. As I wait for God to unfold His plans in His time I seek to be faithful, live life fully and obey boldly.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I just happened upon your blog and am enjoying reading it! I saw the post regarding your weekly planning and am interested in where you purchased your planner pad as it is so colorful. The regular planner pads are so plain. Thank you for sharing your life with all!
    Have a blessed Sunday!


    • I actually purchased the planner cover at Planner Pad. They just recently made changes to their website and it is EASY to now find the covers. It is a vinyl cover, but feels like leather. Not cheep feeling at all. I use the large one since I keep client forms etc… with me. They sell the A-5 size as well. So glad you enjoyed the post.


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