You Are Enough


One of the biggest lies I fall prey to is the lie that “I am not enough”.  Some of it stems from years of negative messages, trying to live up to an impossible standard, trying to keep everyone happy and conflict at bay.  Other times I get caught in the comparison trap.  And some days it comes from exhaustion and feeling as though I have nothing else to give.

The truth is we are made to influence-to live in relationships with others, called to the ministry of reconciliation.  God wants to partner with us to influence-to help others enter into a right relationship with Him.  He wants us to experience His fullness.  But too often we are like a water bottle.  We look great, we go to church, we study our bible, we show up and do the work and then we make sure the lid is screwed on tight.  We want to keep it all safe, we want to stay in control.  The problem is when we put the lid on, when we bottle up the knowledge, the lessons, the whispers of hope, we limit what God can do in us and through us.  We are full and over time we stagnate.  The full life, the abundant life only comes when we understand that we have to pour out His truth, allow His spirit working in us and through us to spill over- as we pour out, lead with truth, lead from our core His is able to continuously fill us-it never ends.  Just as with the water bottle.  If you take the lid off and then slowly pour more water into the bottle, the water already in the bottle gently flows out.

The TRUTH.  The TRUTH is that I am enough, only when I am continuously being filled and continuously giving.  I am only giving when I am in relationship, pouring into others and allowing them to pour into me.

You are enough.  You are enough because you are His and He longs to fill you and to empower you to pour out into others.  Be brave.  Be strong.  Be faithful.  Be gracious.  Above all remember He is sufficient and because of that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Don’t Adapt-Be You ALL the Time

Adapt.  Accommodate.  Be flexible.  Be open to change.  Evolve.  Those words seem to be the mantra of our day.  Yet those words only promote the company, the cause, the agency.  Those words lead to compromise, the kind of compromise that leads us to define ourselves by our actions, what we do, instead of who we are.  The TRUTH is that in order to live with, lead with integrity we must know our core values and then we must unapologetic-ally stand by those values.  There is nothing gained when I refuse to live the truth and love in truth.  I am who I am and in standing by my core values and being consistent, others can know me more authentically, I am able to make better decisions.

There are lines in the sand.  If I believe that TRUTH matters, and not only seek to follow His TRUTH, but hold TRUTH as a value, I will not lie or “spin” something in order to hide the facts.  Could the value cost me position?  Yes.   But will the TRUTH cost me my identity?  No.

Sadly, I have been the chameleon.  I have adapted and accommodated.  More often than not I have simply turned a blind eye or held my tongue.  Sadly I see too many chameleons – at work, in church, in acquaintanceship.  Fortunately, I have chosen not to be the chameleon more often.  As I have had the privilege of entering this second season career I have been committed to doing it better, being authentic, being braver.   I have chosen to know my values, my TRUTH.  I have chosen to lead in TRUTH and I have challenged our team to set values, one of which is TRUTH.  There is no value in blending in.  Being true to my TRUTH sets me apart, but it doesn’t mean I’m disruptive or unyielding.  It simply means I bring myself, my talents, my gifts, my strengths to influence.  It means I am known, truly known.

Canva - Green Chameleon on Green Leaved Tree

My TRUTH is centered on God’s Word and is a reflection of my faith.  My TRUTH remains the same whether I am at home with my family, at work leading, serving in my community or participating in worship at my church.  My TRUTH centers me, it gives me a true north by which to assess information, make decisions.  My TRUTH sets me apart and sets me up for success.  My TRUTH protects me.

As you join me in the pursuit of TRUTH, challenge yourself to be you ALL THE TIME.  Know your TRUTH.  If you feel lost, I encourage you to search scripture for TRUTH, don’t try to navigate this life without an anchor and a rudder.  It is not all relative.  Every thought, every word, every action matters, and it matters most to you, to the you, you are becoming.





The Simplicity of the Calling

Part of my TRUTH journey has been replacing the lies I believe, the negative dialogue we all struggle to keep at bay, with TRUTH.  It is not always easy in a world where information bombards us every second, coming at us through so many mediums.

I have identified 5 lies that impact me the most.  And as I seek to lead better, to grow in my understanding of who God is, I daily work to keep the TRUTH front and center, replacing the lies.

Lie #1:  The world tells us we need to each find our unique calling.  In fact a 9.9 billion dollar self-improvement industry exists in this country.  And while there is a place for DISC, Meyer Briggs, Enneagrams, the truth is those are merely tools to be used as we carry out our calling.  For those of us who believe that God is the one and only God, that  He sent His Son to die on the cross taking the sins of the world upon Himself so that we could have direct access to God the Father, our calling is clear and universal.  Our calling is to bring glory to God.  The moment we accept Him as our Lord and Savior, we are filled with His Spirit who then guides and directs our thoughts and actions.  My credentials, my roles, my vocation, are simply processes God uses, but they are not my identity, they are not my calling.

That TRUTH is incredibly freeing.  Choices become so much easier when I stop and ask myself, “Will this (action, word, business decision, social event) bring glory to God?”  In that moment what can often seem difficult and complex, becomes simple.


I spent a lot of time in my early twenties and thirties searching, trying to figure out my calling, assessing my strengths and weaknesses, waiting for ‘this’ to happen so I could do ‘that’.  The simplicity comes in letting go and letting God.  The simplicity comes in knowing that no matter what role I am in, what job I hold, what friendships I am nurturing, allowing myself to be used by Him, allowing Him to bring glory through me is all that is required of me.