No Looking Back, No Looking to Tomorrow-Just One Simple Step in Obedience (and When the lesson is wait)

Posting a second time.  Today’s struggle. Media!

Living in Brokenness continues to be my theme.  I can’t express enough the freedom I am finding each day as I embrace the truth that God’s fragrance spills forth from me as I leave myself broken at His feet.  It is that moment in time when head knowledge meets heart knowledge and you wish you had gotten the lesson earlier!  As I embrace this truth, let it sink in and remind myself moment by moment to leave the shattered pieces of the alabaster jar, refrain from “fixing”, I am free to pursue obedience in the moment.  It doesn’t mean there are no plans.  It just means that the plans, the steps of obedience are leading me to His purpose for this moment.  I no longer have to look back dragging with me all the regrets or things to be fixed.  I no longer have to look to the future trying to figure it out and do what I can “in my power” to make the puzzle pieces fit.  No, instead I only have to obey the promptings for this moment, knowing He has a plan.  He has already ordained my days.  By keeping my eyes on Him and releasing all that He has already forgiven, wiped away, I can simply do the task of the moment, trusting the small steps in obedience lead to His master plan.  I am free to enjoy the journey.  I am free to rest in Him.  I can experience the joy of hope, true hope that comes only from trusting enough to live in the present.

Keeping my mind filled with truth is a step in obedience I need to take.  I read scripture daily and spend quiet time each morning reflecting on His word and in communion with Him.  I still lack.  The days get busy, I feel pulled, the emotions rise and Satan gets a foot-hold in my mind.  Oh, the battle begins, and too often that pesky devil wins.  I have long known of the use of affirmations-those little pep talks promoted by Zig Ziglar, Gary Keller, and others.  I know those have value, but God has impressed upon me I need Spiritual Affirmations to recite daily.  I am beginning the process of finding 50 scripture to rephrase into Spiritual Affirmations.  I am going to put them in a bound index card holder and carry them with me.  I have begun my journey placing one of Emily Burger’s ( scripture based prints called “You’re An Overcomer” in a frame on my vanity counter.  It is the beginning of daily reciting Spiritual Affirmations to fill my mind with truth and have an arsenal of His words to combat Satan next time he makes a move on my mind.  My heart is sealed.  Christ sealed my heart with His blood for all eternity the day I accepted Him as my personal Savior.  My heart belongs to Him and Him alone.  My mind, well my mind is mine.  He grants me freewill.  So for this moment, my act of obedience is to gather His truths, make them personal, recite them and commit them to memory.

This blog post spoke to me as I am on my own journey.  It seems I am coming out of a desert experience, 3-4 years of waiting.  I hope this will give you encouragement in your walk-especially if you are waiting.  When the lesson is wait.